Challenging the Mathematically Gifted

"Our primary goal must be mathematical power for all students. We speak often about providing rich opportunities for disadvantaged students. But among the students we have in our mathematics programs are some that have either high abilities or high interest, or both. Our programs must include opportunities for these students as well. These students are likely to become significant users of mathematics as our future scientists, mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, technologists, and researchers. They deserve programmatic attention just as students with other kinds of special needs do." Glenda Lappan, president National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 'Mathematics for All' Must Include High-Ability and Highly Motivated Students


A particular passion of mine has always been meeting the needs of advanced math students. I’ve designed individualized math curricula for highly advanced students to follow within their school environment, tutored students when their own schools couldn’t meet their needs, and taught advanced math classes.

If you know your child could be learning much more in math but their teacher just isn’t providing the enrichment they need, I know exactly what to do to ignite their math greatness!

Struggling students aren’t the only ones who benefit from individualized attention from an expert. Focused, effective coaching can propel someone from good to great!