MathCounts is the premier middle school math competition program in the United States. Success in MathCounts depends upon far more than good math skills, because much of what you'll find in the MathCounts competitions simply isn't taught in most middle school math programs. At the same time, most students who are involved in MathCounts in their middle schools have very little time each week to learn and train on the specialized curriculum, perhaps one or two periods each week. So what's a student to do?

That's where I come in.

I coached a highly successful MathCounts team for almost ten years. For most of those years I took my team to the state competition in Harrisburg, either because my team took first place in the city or my students placed in the top four individual spots, or both! I know what it takes to excel in MathCounts, and I train motivated students -- on an individual basis and in small groups -- to be the very best MathCounts competitors that they can be!

If you're in the Philadelphia or Philadelphia Main Line area and you're interested in learning more about MathCounts coaching, please email me!