Math Support

I’ve spent twenty years supporting struggling students, helping them strengthen their skills, overcome math anxiety, and learn to love math! Whatever your particular needs, I have the experience and the passion to meet, and surpass, your expectations!

  • I support students in need of extra help. Do you know your child has the capacity to do well, and you just can’t figure out why they’re struggling or how to help them? That’s where I come in!
  • I provide ongoing support. Math, like foreign languages, has such a cumulative nature to it -- everything builds on what came before it -- and because of this students can’t afford to fall behind. I help ensure that they stay successful!
  • Facing the PSSA? SAT? GRE? Terra Nova? ERB? HSPT? SSAT? Whatever the test, whether it’s at the elementary, middle, or high school level, I'll help you boost those scores higher than you thought possible!
  • I help adults brush up on basic math skills. Whether you want to better understand the work your children or grandchildren are doing, or you simply want a refresher for your own reasons, I’m here to help!
  • I maintain skills over the summer. As a classroom teacher I watched it happen to countless students who read plenty but did very little math over the summer, and this invariably led to a "summer slide." Keeping up skills, or moving ahead, over the summer takes planning and experience, and I'm happy to help.

If you're in the Philadelphia Main Line area and looking for math support, I'm happy to help!