Here's What I Bring to the Table!

  • I hold a Masters in Education.

  • I hold teaching certificates in both Elementary Education (K-6) and Middle School Math (Grades 7-9).

  • I taught for 18 years: 4 as an elementary classroom teacher and 14 as a math teacher at both the lower and middle school levels.

  • I served for ten years as the Lower School Math Specialist at a top Philadelphia private school.

  • I have been tutoring privately for 25 years.

  • I am truly passionate about Mathematics and Math Education!


“Joshua has been working with my family for about 4 years. He started with my 6th grader who was having anxiety issues with math. He has transformed her into a confident high school student who is in advanced math. He is also working with my younger child who used to find math a difficult chore. Thanks to Joshua she now enjoys math and is doing very well in school. Joshua is kind, patient and has a knack for explaining math concepts and making it fun. My kids love working with him. I highly recommend him.”

CK & MK’s mom, on Yelp

“Most adolescents are not thrilled with summer homework, and R is no exception, but he did remark last year at the conclusion of his tutoring sessions with you that he would be happy to meet with you again this summer if he needed help with Advanced Algebra. As a parent, I would say that is a big compliment to you, because the beach, friends, sports, and PlayStation beckon, but on his own he stated he would be willing to go again as needed. Good job and thank you!”

RH’s mom

"Joshua is a former teacher of many years. He is extremely knowledgeable and an expert at what he does. I hired him to tutor my 7th grade son in math in preparation for the TerraNova, which will be given in March. Joshua is great with my son and this is a tutor who understands children and how to impart the material so it's not boring. Joshua is punctual and very courteous. I am very pleased with my choice."

JS’s mom, on Yelp

“Josh!!! To The GREATEST Math teacher...ever!!! J got 100 on his math test today!!!!!!! Thanks to you, of course!!!! Best money I ever spent!!! Thanks!!!”

"So again! I'm contacting you to tell u that the progress reports come out tomorrow in school. However I'm sooooo beside myself, I just can't hold it in!!! J is bringing home a 99 in math!!!! I am so excited I cannot contain myself!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!"

JS’s mom

"M has become a lot more comfortable with math after having worked with you. I really appreciate your patience and kindness with her; it really helps her confidence. Perhaps you could tutor my whole family, my 80-year-old parents included?"

MS's mom

S mentioned to me that he really enjoyed the time and content and was looking forward to continued coaching leading up to next year's competition.

SM's dad, regarding MathCounts coaching